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About Us

"Welcome to The Pond Fixer, your neighbors in Marietta!
We are proud to serve the Metro Atlanta area and provide quality service to our community."

At The Pond Fixer, we seek to prove to our customers that water features are not seasonal. In fact, they can be beautiful and healthy year round. We employ the utmost integrity in everything we do, and believe that our customers deserve excellent communication, quality service, and fair pricing. We deliver on all of these beliefs, and will keep your water feature hassle-free and beautiful. While the pond fixer specializes in koi ponds, we service all kinds of water features.
The Pond Fixer was founded by Parker Johnson with the goal of improving the health, water quality, and aesthetics of ponds and fountains. Parker has a background in biology from the University of West Georgia where he specialized in microbiology and conducted research in ichthyology (the study of fish). Parker's passion for fish and biology has led him to where he is today: focusing on the welfare of water features and any life that may be inhabiting it.

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