Routine Pond Maintenance

The Pond Fixer offers routine maintenance for ponds and other water features. We will be as flexible as possible with you, offering options from weekly to every two months (with everything in between!). Maintenance includes the assessment of all pond related equipment to assure your fish are getting proper filtration and aeration. Leaves will be skimmed off the surface, rock surfaces will be brushed/pressure washed, and fish safe chemical treatments will be administered to prevent and remove algae. With regular maintenance from The Pond Fixer your pond will look beautiful, your fish will be healthier, and your equipment will last longer! Call to schedule today!

Sick Koi/Goldfish Diagnosis and Treatment

The Pond Fixer uses laboratory grade equipment to diagnose sick koi or goldfish. After the diagnosis, proper treatments and medication will be utilized to prevent further damage and contamination to your water feature.

Pond Clean Outs

The Pond Fixer offers "Pond Clean Outs" which will leave your pond looking beautiful with crystal clear water. We drain all of the water, place any livestock in oxygenated holding tanks, and thoroughly clean the entirety of the water feature. This includes a thorough washing, hand removal of debris, and the usage of fish safe chemicals to ensure a healthy and gorgeous result. We recommend having a "Pond Clean Out" done AT LEAST once a year. This gives the system a total reset and prevents your filtration system from fighting an uphill battle.


The Pond Fixer offers repair services for all things related to a water feature. Noisy pump? Leaky pipes? Pond losing water? We have you covered! Call today with any questions and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible! We will get your pond back in good shape so you can get back to enjoying it.